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wireless 5G wifi camera for bus or truck

wireless 5G wifi camera for bus or truck

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wireless 5G wifi camera for bus or truck

Product Description

Popular science knowledge: 5g Wi Fi (802.11ac) refers to Wi Fi running in 5GHz radio wave band and using 802.11ac protocol. Higher wireless transmission speed is the biggest feature of 5g Wi Fi
The traditional WiFi camera technology is based on WiFi 3 technology. The WiFi signal is relatively weak, so it is easy to find WFI hotspot and cannot be used

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Advantages of 5g WiFi camera over other WiFi cameras

First: Based on WiFi 5 technology, the connection is more stable and fast, and the picture is not


Second: it supports more devices. It can not only connect wirelessly with smart phones, but also connect with Android navigation

Third: in addition to the switch between ruler and mirror, 5g WiFi camera can edit the ruler size to make reversing more accurate

wifi bus camera

Power support:DC9-35V
Transmission mode: 5G WI-FI Digital Signal
Video compression: H.264 High Profile
Antenna specifications: 5G WI-FI
Operating temperature: -20℃~ +50℃
Storage temperature: -30℃~ +60℃
Operating humidity: 85%RH
CAMERA Sensor chip: CMOS
Image pixel: 200 W
Depending Angle:120°
Low-light : 0.1Lu/F2.0
Transmission distance: 50-80 M
Night vision range: 5-10M
Waterproof grade: IP67
Fixing mode the support :Fixed for 3M


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