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RGB Backlit Gamer Keyboard and Mouse

RGB Backlit Gamer Keyboard and Mouse

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RGB Backlit Gamer Keyboard and Mouse

Product Description

Product name
Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set
104 Keys


RGB Backlit Gamer Keyboard and Mouse

- Professional gaming keyboard

Key caps and injection-molded laser-engraved ABS key caps design.

The characters will never fade.

Anti-sweat feature, prevent damage to key caps, enhance durability and tactile feedback.

Colorful glowing keyboard

3 kinds of LED lighting backlit mode.

Breathing (7 colors alternate).

3 adjustable permanent mixed backlit modes, variable breathing or permanent lighting mode.

Even in the absence of light, it is very suitable for playing games at night.

You can also adjust the brightness of the backlit and breathing rate according to your preferences

104-key standard keyboard


12 multimedia key combinations.

Convenient for your work or game operation, and improve efficiency.

Ergonomic design, ergonomic curved key caps, smooth lines, comfortable feel, and anti-fatigue.

The perfect backlit gaming keyboard for gaming and office

High-quality floating keyboard

Full "core" waterproof, triple protection design.The waterproof keyboard prevents damage caused by spilled drinks or coffee.

The anti-interference magnetic ring, gold-plated interface and waterproof braided USB cable ensure stable data transmission. It is more durable than other PVC cables and is not easy to break.

Detachable key cap and free key cap puller make cleaning easier

Widely compatible

Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Mac OS, etc.

Variety of packages

Provides all-in-one services, so that you can play games without any worries, please choose the package you need correctly

Package Includes:

1 x Wired Keyboard 
1 x Wireds Mouse 






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