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ZHAMI Smart Induction Trash Can

ZHAMI Smart Induction Trash Can

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Independent research and development, practical new products, multiple core technologies

* When you need to throw out trash, just wave your hand or bend your knees 7 inches above the induction area, and the JOYBOS
automatic bathroom trash can will open the lid at 0.3S speed, so you don't wait to throw out the trash.
* The brand-new patent privacy trash can, one pulls the package, no dirty hands, closed packaged trash is invisible, allows you
to be completely separated from the dirt and trash, and protects personal privacy.
* JOYBOS trash can with automatic lid,Silent and slow drop, no noise when opening and closing, humanized design, silent and slow
drop opening and closing cover, to provide you with a quiet family atmosphere.
* Original lighting countdown, keeping the lid closing time at any time, one-key normally open lid setting, when you need to open
the lid for a long time, press the normally open lid button, which is convenient to use.
* Fashion design, warm colours, full of family warmth, it is the perfect gift for your family and friends.
* JOYBOS smart sensor trash can, after years of research and development, pay attention to people's daily use habits, starting from the details, using fine materials, to create the best trash can for you
* Smart panel, different light colors, often open cover button design, intimate and practical.
* Pull the drawstring to facilitate packing, smoothly take out the garbage, and prevent dirt and peculiar smells.
* High-quality spring designs, after many tests and experiments, can be used for a long time.JOYBOS sealed trash surprise color to your life
* When we need a surprise gift, JOYBOS sealed You can show your friends its good induction-pull packing effect, and let your friends experience the same time.
* This trash container for car is especially suitable for limited or narrow spaces, suitable for motorhomes, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

Excellent quality, attention to detail, we are dedicated to creating the most suitable bedroom trash can for you

* Smart bathroom trash can sensor panel, thoughtful lighting countdown design, let you use it easily.
* High-quality kitchen trash cans, one pull to pack, keep away from dirt.
* Touch to open, the design has a quiet lid to close, so there is no noise every time the lid is closed.
* High-quality springs feel good, we can ensure you long-term use.
* Large-capacity barrel meets daily needs, durable plastic material, easy to maintain and clean.
* Pay attention to privacy protection to make our lives more private.
* When the battery is dead, you can also choose to open the cover manually, which is convenient and simple.
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